Accredited Rail Academy training providers

Training courses developed by the Rail Academy can be delivered by multiple providers: from Rail Operators, TAFEs, Universities, private providers and enterprise RTOs using either their own venues or those facilities managed by the Rail Academy. We will be are seeking to accredit training providers to provide Rail Academy training and assessment services to the Victorian rail sector, applications will be assessed through our Governance Structure.

More details on how to apply to become an accredited training provider, will be posted in this section soon.

Licensed Rail Academy training courses

  • 22327VIC - Graduate Diploma of Railway Signalling Systems
  • 22326VIC - Graduate Certificate in Railway Signalling Systems

Rail Academy Accredited training providers

Metro Trains Melbourne PTY LTD

RTO Code: 40535

Contact: Metro Academy (03) 9610 3701


We do not regulate the fees charged by Accredited Training Providers. Applicants are encouraged to research the fees charged by the various training providers, and to be clear about the range of training that is covered by those fees.

Applicants are also encouraged to obtain a copy of the ATP’s cancellation and refund policy before booking a course.

For more information on how to become an accredited training provider please email Gordana.