Rail shunter pathways

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Multiple study pathways and exit points exist between Secondary School, TAFE and University. Each stage of study brings its own qualification and can be the completion of your studies or it can provide a pathway onto the next stage. Where you finish will depend on the career outcomes you’re hoping to achieve.

Your Career Pathways

LevelTrainingJob Role Examples
TAFE / Vocational Education & TrainingCertificate III in Rail Yard Coordination
  • Rail Yard Master
  • Yard Coordinator
  • Terminal Coordinator
 Certificate II in Shunting - Lead Shunter Skill Set
  • Leading Shunter
  • Terminal Operator
 Certificate II in Shunting
  • Shunter
VET in Schools Program

Certificate II

  • Rail and Light Rail Fundamentals
This certificate introduces the industry, its many occupations and is strongly recommended for students considering an industry pathway program.
Secondary SchoolYear 10-12 Students have the option to choose to complete a senior secondary program of study in a specific vocational area.

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