The Rail Academy accepts and manages complaints and reports about training providers delivering a Rail Academy training products or resources. By focussing its effort on areas of greatest risk to the provision of high quality training will ultimately improve the quality of training delivered to industry.

The Rail Academy can consider complaints and information about:

  • complaints relevant to an accredited training providers compliance with the ‘quality charter’
  • accredited Rail Academy training providers that have not met their licensing obligations
  • training providers whose marketing implies that they are accredited by the Rail Academy but in fact are not.

Complaints or reports which are related to training/assessment are managed by ASQA/VRQA, the following will not be registered as complaints:

  • matters relating to fees charged by a registered training organisation
  • matters of academic judgement, such as examination results
  • requestions for registered training provider to re-mark work
  • grievances against registered training provider individual staff
  • issues concerning visas.

If you would like a copy of our complaints form, please email Gordana.