Stakeholders play an active role in ensuring that Rail Academy training programs are aligned to existing and emerging skills needs of industry. Consultation with the Victorian rail industry takes place through Rail Academy Advisory Board, Research Council, Course Advisory & Development Council and Rail Academy Newport Committee, who provide strategic and technical advice, as well as oversight support.

Communication between parties is formalised through regular meetings, which deliver:

  • improved clarity to address challenges
  • greater visibility into decision-making and risk-management processes
  • improved coordination of stakeholder needs
  • increased effectiveness in determining training needs.

Over the next coming months the Rail Academy will call for nominations from suitably qualified and experienced individuals to be considered for the vacant organisational and individual industry expert positions on the following:

  • Research Council
  • Course Advisory Development Council
  • Rail Academy Newport Committee.

Please note that while it may not be possible to include every nominee, it is important to remember that the Rail Academy consults widely across the Victorian Rail Industry when developing training programs. Members are selected based on skills and experience, and represent a balance of interests across the Victorian Rail sector.

If you wish to express your interest or should a vacancy become available and you would like to be considered in becoming a member, please contact the Rail Academy Coordinator via email.