Rail Academy building capability

Addressing skills shortages

Rail Academy is facilitating the industry to develop a skilled workforce that meets growing rail sector needs. The Rail Academy provides a structure for the rail industry to work together, to advance the industry’s growth and progress. The Rail Academy will continue to assist industry and training providers to identify current training gaps and future training needs, and work collaboratively to develop new qualifications and training products that are high quality, sustainable and that meet industry needs.

Training program development

Rail Academy is designing and developing quality training products and resources to strengthen rail capability, address specific labour skill shortages and ensure training is sustainable and cost effective.

The Rail Academy also ensures a coordinated alignment between the rail educational sectors to:

  • Manage and coordinate the development of sustainable training frameworks
  • Develop and build new modern training facilities
  • Develop high quality training products and resources, owned by the state and made available to approved training providers.

Training initiatives underway or starting soon

  • Railway signalling systems program
  • Safety advisors program
  • Overhead linesmen program
  • Communications advisor program
  • Rail supervisors program
  • Track protection program