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Discovering rail careers workshop

Rail Academy provides a free professional workshop session to learn about the rail industry and increase your understanding about opportunities in rail. Our session will provide you with the latest information, connect you with industry experts and help you learn how to locate and effectively use career information.

We can accommodate different group sizes. However, our program is best suited for teachers, career coordinator and pathway counsellors in groups of groups of 10-30. Online sessions are available on request.

Please email to find out about upcoming workshop dates and to register your interest.

Job roles activity book

To learn more about the many opportunities available when considering a career in the rail industry access the job roles activity book.

STEM resources

To access resources such as design your own station and to register your schools interest to attend a STEM workshop, view more information about STEM resources.

Rail careers for students

Rail Careers is regularly hosted at Rail Academy Newport each school term, giving students the opportunity to engage in a range of hands on learning experiences, hear first hand experiences  and career opportunities from subject matter experts in the rail industry.

View our 2024 rail career events and register your schools interest to attend upcoming events.

See what some of the students and teachers have to say about their experience at Rail Careers events.

View the Rail Careers Dayvideo transcript.

Contact us

If you are a teacher, career coordinator or pathways counsellor and interested in attending a Rail Careers event, please register your interest at

We’ll reply with more information about our programs and upcoming event dates.