Rail Careers 2022 fact sheet

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Major Transport Infrastructure Authority’s school engagement program

Rail Careers is the school engagement program of the Major Transport Infrastructure Authority (MTIA), led by the Rail Academy. The program proactively engages with schools to raise awareness about career opportunities in the rail, light rail and construction industries.

We can accommodate to different year levels and group sizes. However, our program is best suited for:

  • Groups of 10–60
  • Year 7–10

Rail Careers is regularly hosted at Rail Academy Newport each school term, giving students the opportunity to engage in a range of hands-on learning experiences including:

  • Track Build – where students are encouraged to work as a team as they learn how to lay simulated track
  • Virtual Reality Package – a captivating virtual demonstration highlighting hazards and dangers in the rail corridor
  • A range of other unique activities that will immerse students into how infrastructure works and what it’s like working within the rail industry.

The program content is linked to mathematics and critical and creative thinking, with a focus on transport infrastructure including tunnels and safety

On offer is a unique insight into the incredible and diverse work available in the rail sector.

See what some of the students and teachers have to say about their experience at Rail Careers.

Victorian Transport STEM Workshops

Empowering students to consider a career in transport and infrastructure

Rail Academy’s STEM workshop is an opportunity for Year 7 to 10 students to engage with some of Victoria’s female industry leaders. The students will learn through anecdotal presentations, interactive sessions and engaging industry career discussions from STEM female graduates.

Student’s will:

  • find out what STEM in our industry is, what engineers do, and learn about different career pathways
  • learn about workplaces with gender equality
  • meet energetic and inspiring graduates and professional engineers
  • learn about a variety of engineering disciplines.

Discovering rail careers

We want to help guide your students into the best future for them!

Rail Academy provides a free professional workshop session to learn about the rail industry and increase understanding about learning and work opportunities. Our sessions will provide you with the very latest information as well as connect you with industry experts and find out how to locate and effectively use career information. Teachers, career coordinators and pathways counsellors would benefit from attending.

We are able to accommodate to different group sizes. However, our program is best suited for:

  • Individuals or groups of 10–30

Find out about the many opportunities available.

A career in rail?

Study VET while still at secondary school

Certificate II in Heavy and Light Rail Fundamentals (Pre-vocational) is a qualification for secondary students. The purpose of this new VET course is to provide students with basic knowledge and a realistic preview of the heavy (train) and light (tram) rail industry in Victoria.

Students are taught in a combination of structured learning, self-directed learning and hands-on training in a simulated work environment.

This will enable students to make a more informed choice about future employment within an area of the industry that best suits their interests, capabilities and career aspirations.

See what our new rail qualification is all about.

Upcoming events 2022

Discovering Rail Careers

For teachers, career coordinators and pathways counsellors

19 May (online)

4 August (onsite at Rail Academy)

STEM Workshop

For years 7 to 10 students to find out what STEM in our industry is, what engineers do, and complete live action design challenge

24 March (onsite at Yarra Ranges Tech School)

25 August (onsite at Citadines on Bourke, Melbourne CBD)

Rail Careers

For Year 7 and 10 students to actively engage in a range of experiences on site at an industry workplace to build their knowledge of the world of work and future workforce skill requirements.

25 May (onsite at Rail Academy)

12 October (onsite at Rail Academy)

Events dates and mode of delivery are subject to change

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, school engagement events can be delivered online. The Rail Academy has developed a series of online learning resources to use while flexible and remote learning is in place.

If you are a teacher, career coordinator or pathways counsellor register your interest via email. We’ll reply with more information about our programs and upcoming dates.

Do you have an enquiry? Would you like to register for an event?

Email us at railcareers@levelcrossings.vic.gov.au or call 0497 895 784.