Rail Careers Week Transcript


Lee (teacher). For the students to understand more about the industry, have a firsthand look at the trains, look at the opportunities that were out there and really just get involved as much as they can.

Venroy (student). My highlight of the day so far would probably when I got to put together the miniature version of the rail, because I got to be like a supervisor and boss everyone around.

Shari (student). We had to work in teams we had to build a 9-metre track, we divided into different teams to work on it and we had to make sure that it would run properly for a fake train to run over.

Joshua (student). Best thing about being here today would be the virtual reality, it was just a great experience like I’ve never really had that before I really felt like it was there and um I just felt I was amongst it like felt like I was communicating with people that you know were talking back, yeah just really good.

Luke (student). In the virtual reality session I got to realise what it would be working close to trains and on the works sites and up close to the vehicles.

Venroy (student). I’ve never really thought about working in rail but being here today have sort of opened my mind to different jobs that might be here.

Brodie (student). Before today I would not have considered a career in rail just because I wasn’t aware of the all the opportunities they have to offerI would recommend coming to Rails Career Week because I feel like if you don’t really know what to do as a career, you don’t know what path to go down this would definitely be a good option.

Shari (student). I would recommend coming to the rail academy to help understand the careers that come with working in a rail industry.

Joshua (student). Yes, I would definitely recommend this experience to somebody else its um been a really good day out getting amongst it all.