Rail Careers Day Transcript


Vision. Aerial view of the Rail Academy Newport. Students learning about different aspects of rail.

Vu. Teacher. For students to come out and participate in these industry immersions is just so valuable. It’s something that you can’t deliver and give it meaning unless you’re there in person.

Vision. View of inside the rail academy showing students operating the signals

Angela, Level Crossing Removal Project. I love the fact that we are opening up kids’ eyes to the different opportunities. They can see the future and the future is vast.

Vision. View of students inside the rail academy listening to people talk about what is happening.

Angela, Level Crossing Removal Project. Rail Careers Day is a day that we run on behalf of the rail industry so that we can promote the diversity of opportunities that are available in rail for everyone.

Vision. View of students outside looking at rail lines and station platforms and trains.

Stephanie, Parent. I’m here on behalf of my son Thomas who has always dreamed to be a train driver, so, yeah, we thought we’d try and make his dreams come true basically.

Vision. View of students working on different things at the rail academy and listening to someone telling them about how it works.

Mark. Student. My friends got me into train spotting and I was like, that’s pretty cool. Then I was like, I reckon I should become a train driver but trying out for work that other workers do is kind of fun actually.

Vu. Teacher. I think the most valuable part of today’s visit has been being able to see the different opportunities within the railway industry.

Vision. View of students listening to different people talking about the various jobs.

Stephanie. Parent. The scope of what’s here and we’re seeing today is just incredible in terms of just knowing what else is out there.

Vision. View of Daniel explaining different aspects of the rail carriage to students. Students working the signals and checking the track.

Daniel. V/Line Conductor. Oh look, what I can see from today, the kids are getting the opportunity to push the buttons, open the doors, sit in the driver’s cab, get to talk to people that work on the trains like myself, and getting to work with the signallers and all – get to see all the diverse career and opportunities that there are here.

Angela. Level Crossing Removal Project. They’re not just sitting there listening to somebody talk, they’re really actually doing the types of tasks that you would do in a rail role.

Vision. View of students being shown and using different equipment used on the railway.

Vu. Teacher. Attending events like today makes everything real. It makes it meaningful. I would definitely recommend students to come there.

Vision. Close-up view of coloured signals.

Angela, Level Crossing Removal Project. We run these events for all types of schools. All you need is a bus and you can come out here to the Rail Academy Newport and get involved in our hands-on activities.

Vision. View of students using equipment at the rail academy and listening to different people telling them about how it all works.

Mark. Student. For me thinking, as a joke, I would be a train driver, then all of a sudden I’m here now, I’m like proud of myself actually, it’s a massive milestone.

Vision. Aerial view of the train academy and different staff explaining things to students, also showing students using the equipment.

Stephanie. Parent. It’s been really wonderful to be able to see something like the train academy come alive and we can get him here today and be able to get him involved next year, that would be really good.

Vera. Rail Academy Newport. So for us to be a part of that and have the students walk around our facility, see what they can have in the future, there is a very big future for them in this area.

Vision. Aerial view of the train academy.

Text. Level Crossing Removal Project. Victoria’s Big Build. Victoria State Government.