Study while at secondary school

A Career in Rail – Study VET while still at secondary school

The 22537VIC Certificate II in Heavy and Light Rail Fundamentals (Pre-vocational) is a qualification for secondary students. The purpose of this VET course is to provide students with basic knowledge and a realistic preview of the heavy (train) and light (tram) rail industry in Victoria. Students are taught in a combination of structured learning, self-directed learning and hands-on training in a simulated work environment.  This will enable students to make more informed choice about future employment within an area of the industry that best suits their interests, capabilities and career aspirations.

The Certificate II compliments rail technical training across all domains. The pathways listed in the linked flyer below show complimentary qualifications for example job roles in rail. Please note that the VETDSS pathways listed are suggestions only; the Certificate II is not a prerequisite for entry to any other qualification or job role and does not take into account VCE/VCE VM completion requirements at different schools. Rail operators hire apprentices and trainees directly through their recruitment process.

For some ideas on complimentary qualifications, see learning and career pathways in heavy and light rail infrastructure PDF, 649.6 KB.

Expressions of Interest for 2025 program are now open.

Theory classes will take place either at Hallam Secondary College or Melbourne CBD, please get in touch with us to find out more.  Your VET coordinator can submit an expression of interest to

For more information, see our VET in Schools factsheet PDF PDF, 269.7 KB